Save Hundreds of Dollars/Month & Improve Your Health

//Save Hundreds of Dollars/Month & Improve Your Health

Save Hundreds of Dollars/Month & Improve Your Health

What’s up! So, this past weekend one of the coaches I look up to most in the industry, Jordan Syatt, included one of my articles (see it here) in his “Best Strength & Fat Loss Articles of the Week”.

Needless to say, that had me (and still has me) on cloud 9.


I have had several conversations recently with clients/friends who say that they want to hire a coach but just don’t think they can afford it.

A conversation with a friend of mine, Joel who lives in California, comes to mind. We were talking and he said that he didn’t need to lose a lot of weight, just a couple of pounds but wanted the help of a coach to do so. The problem was that he had no idea how he could fit it into his budget.

The conversation evolved into somewhat of a financial audit (not my strongest suit, but I have a calculator, so yeah). After we had gone over his daily spending we were able to pick about 3 “categories” he could make significant cuts from and not miss them at all. The total came to a whopping $433/Month! That is more than enough to hire an online coach or personal trainer in most cases. Once we were wrapping up the conversation he suggested I write a blog on the same topic to hopefully help others who were in the same situation as he was.

I want to show you how it is can be a lot easier than you think to work a personal trainer (& especially online coaching) into your budget. I’m aware not everyone can afford a coach, but, I just want to bring to light a few ways you could trim some spending that wouldn’t affect you all that much.

Before we dive in, let me preface this by saying I am not making any demands, “must” cuts to your budget or passing judgment on any of your spending habits. I simply want to point out where some of your money might go monthly.

Let’s start with a couple of alcohol examples.

We will stick strictly to money here, but, you can read about just how empty alcohol calories are in the link above.

Social Drinking 1 Day/Week (4 mixed drinks)-

Social Drinking 2 Days/Week (8 mixed drinks)-screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-10-40-06-am

Two Glasses of Wine After Work 5 Days/Week (10 glasses = ~2 Bottles, *$25/bottle)-  screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-10-43-27-am

Ditch the Bottled Water. Here’s why:

You can purchase a water filter that directly attaches to your faucet for $10-20 and an insulated bottle for $10-20 as well. Let’s compare that to buying packages of bottled water.

Purchasing one 24 pack of bottled water/week (average price of ~$4):

Week- $4

Month- $16

Day- $192

Purchasing two 24 packs of bottled water/week (average price of ~$4):

Week- $8

Month- $32

Day- $384

What about eating out?  Let’s take a look.

Check out this infographic from Datafiniti, it shows the cost difference between one serving size at a restaurant vs cooking at home:


If we take the average cost over eating at home of the restaurant meals we get $7.05. With that number we can do some simple calculations to see how much you could be spending every over what it would cost to cook at home.

Eating out 3x/Week:

Week- $21.15

Month- $84.60

Year- $1,015.20

Eating out 5x/Week:

Week- $35.25

Month- $141

Year- $1,692

Eating out 10x/Week:

Week- $70.50

Month- $282

Year- $3,384

Remember, these numbers don’t mean you’re going without food. It is just what you are paying OVER what it would cost to cook at home.

Gotta have your Starbucks? How much is that costing you?

A 16oz cup from Starbucks will cost you around $2.25, whereas if you brewed Starbucks brand coffee at home it would cost you around $0.60. That’s a difference of $1.65/day.

Buying 5 Cups/Week @ Starbucks rather than home brewing-

Week- $8.25

Month- $33

Year- $396

Buying 7 Cups/Week @ Starbucks rather than home brewing-

Week- $11.55

Month- $46.20

Year- $554.40

Buying 10 Cups/Week @ Starbucks rather than home brewing-

Week- $16.50

Month- $66

Year- $792

Again, this is the same type of comparison as eating out. You’re NOT going without coffee, rather you’re just brewing it at home instead of braving the lines in the store. The same comparison can be made with energy drinks, and in most cases the costs for those will be much higher than those of coffee.

Oh, and that was just plain old black coffee! Lets price a Tall Café Mocha — $4.15! (not to mention the extra calories, but, that’s a topic for another day)

Buying 3 Tall Café Mocha’s/Week-

Week- $12.45

Month- $49.80

Year- $597.60

Buying 5 Tall Café Mocha’s/Week-

Week- $20.75

Month- $83

Year- $996

Buying 7 Tall Café Mocha’s/Week-

Week- $29.05

Month- $116.20

Year- $1394.40

Cut the Cable:

According to an article from; “The average American cable-TV bill is $100 a month,” writes Pogue. “That’s a large sum to pay for a service that people often don’t take full advantage of. Consider cutting the cord and getting your TV from the internet, through services like Netfilx ($8 a month), Hulu ($8 a month), or HBO Now ($15 a month).”

Let’s say you dropped your cable provider and kept your Netflix account and added the biggest SlingTV package (about 70 channels) for $40/month.

That’s a savings of $52/month!

Dropping Cable Provider & using SlingTV + Netflix instead:

 Week- $13

Month- $52

Year- $624

Use a site like “Trim” to help with a list of all your current “subscriptions” whether it be to apps, music services, magazines etc. With Trim you can see the list and start the cancellation process from the Trim site. It’s very convenient.

We have just scratched the surface on things you could probably cut and never even realize they’re gone!

Investing the money saved trimming from these categories into training/online coaching will have a much higher ROI than if you keep your spending the same. Investing in your health is never a bad choice, and, will probably save you trips to the doctor (which costs you money).

You never know, a healthier lifestyle can bring savings to your life you didn’t even know about. You might even be able to add a couple of the trimmed expenses back in with what you’re saving by living a healthier lifestyle.

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