Why Workouts Designed For YOU Work Better

//Why Workouts Designed For YOU Work Better

Why Workouts Designed For YOU Work Better

One size fits all programs aren’t the worst thing to happen to fitness. Not even close. My goal is to show you that even though that program may work, on that is built for you will be more optimal.

So, what do I mean that one size all workouts aren’t optimal? Let me give some context. A one size fits all program will work for those who are just starting to workout (assuming it’s a decent and safe program). Now, would a program that is written specifically for you and your needs work better? Absolutely.

We all know that we get out what we put in. If you put more effort into a one size program than the one written specifically for you of course you’ll benefit more from it, but, if the same effort is applied in both the specific program will lead to better results. I say this not only coming from my coaching experience but my personal experiences as well.

For example, my cousin Zac can do an extremely high repetition/volume workout with light weights and still be jacked. However, put me on the same program? Well I’ll wither away to the bean pole I was when I graduated high school.


The only thing better about the right side of that picture is my tan — and my hairline which seems to be running away from my forehead. But whatever.

Everyone is different, we all have different goals, we all have different life stressors and things we deal with on the daily that can affect the type of workout that will be optimal for you. I’ll illustrate this for you with two sample client interviews. Their answers will be very similar but notice how different the workout will look. Sometimes it’s easier to see it in context rather than me trying to explain it in 10 paragraphs.


Yes, I am aware that any workout is better than the one that didn’t happen, but, if there is a choice to have a program tailored for you that is the way to go. If you want to see what something may look like that is tailored to your goals just shoot me an email to [email protected] with “MY Program” in the subject line along with your main fitness goal and any other info you might need and I’ll personally send you something that represents those goals. It will be very similar to the workouts that my online coaching clients go through every month. 🙂

Notice how the client interviews were very similar, but, different enough to have changes in the workout. Client B is a little more advanced so notice the extra sets and progressions to movements. It doesn’t look completely different and it doesn’t have too. My point here is that If you gave client A or B the others workout it would not work as well for either. One would be too easy and not achieve the maximal training stimulus and the other would (probably) be too difficult and may induce injury or possible lower chances of program adherence.

P.S I want to thank my wife Hillary for deciding to come on and offer nutrition coaching in addition to the training programs we already have available. Let me know if you want any details about it.

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