The Reason You’re Not Losing Weight (It’s Not Your Hormones)

//The Reason You’re Not Losing Weight (It’s Not Your Hormones)

The Reason You’re Not Losing Weight (It’s Not Your Hormones)

Have you ever heard someone say something like:

“My hormones must be off because I’m not losing weight.”

“I’m not losing weight; I must not be eating enough and in starvation mode.”

“I haven’t found the right pyramid scheme to buy into to help me lose the weight.” – OK maybe I didn’t actually hear that, but if it did, I imagine my face would look something like this…

Look, I have hormone balance issues and REM Sleep Disorder.

Yes, it sucks.

I know that these things can, and do happen. Yes, they can cause weight gain.

But, let’s be real here, there’s a very small number of people who this actually happens to.

Maybe 1/10.


The real issue? Two major keys come to mind:

  1. Severely underestimating caloric intake.
  2. Bad Sleeping Habits

Underestimating calorie intake is the main culprit here (or overestimating energy expenditure). Not losing any weight? Something is probably happening from your plate to your mouth. Could a troll be adding more food to your fork from plate to mouth? Possibly, I doubt it though. They like the Holiday Season better, in fact, they got me between Christmas and the New Year!

Now, it could be that you’re not measuring correctly. It could also be the fact that calorie counting has been shown to be upwards of 25%(!) off due to all kinds of factors such as: misrepresented food labels, eyeball error (as mentioned above) and differences in cooked v raw food. To add fuel to the fire, estimated calorie counters and calculators are typically off quite a bit as well. Whether it be a bad calculator (or user error 🤦‍), or overestimating our activity factor (super common) when all of it is added together you can see that it’s pretty easy, if not probable, to need to adjust how we are doing things.

The Fix:

If you’re one that absolutely must count calories, spend 14 days legitimately measuring/weighing your meals. Will it be a pain in the butt? Yes. Will you look like “that guy/girl”? Also yes. But, you will come away with a much better understanding of what 2000 calories looks like weighed, versus what your eyeballs tell you it is.

Especially when you’re hungry. Yeah, especially then.

Hungry eyeballs be like – “this looks like 1 tablespoon, right?”

The direction that we have been going with our nutrition coaching clients is a hybrid of both calorie counting and implementing the Precision Nutrition Calorie Control Method (see guide below). What we’ve found thus far is that if you’re looking to lose fat it is GREAT. If you’re an athlete or looking to add quite a bit of muscle, then this method takes quite a bit of tweaking. Nonetheless, it has been a damn good strategy for our clients.

Check out the calorie control guide here: PN Calorie Control Guide

How are your sleep habits? Are you averaging 6-8 hours a night (preferably 7+)?

The Fix:

If your answer was no to the question above… stop wasting your money on supplements. Instead invest it in things that can help to improve your nighttime routine and sleep such as:

  • New Pillow
  • Melatonin
  • White Noise Machine (tons of free apps for this though)
  • Bigger Electric Bill Budget to Keep it Collldddddd
  • Eye Mask
  • Blackout Shades

Of course, there are other things that could be added to the nighttime routine list but you see where I’m going with it. Spend less on supplements and invest more money and time into sleeping better. In fact, you could pocket the money and work on your sleep routine – for free.

Check out yet another fantastic infographic from Precision Nutrition: The Power of Sleep

Who knows, the extra money in your pocket could decrease your stress anyway.

Oh, and less stress can help that weight start to drop quicker too! 😎

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