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Tony Cox


The Journey to Confidence

Chris Pearson with Reform has challenged about every theory that I believed to be true about fitness, exercise, losing weight and shaping your body. I have to admit that he has been 100% accurate which is contrary to what I thought about these subjects since I am very cynical on trainers and boot camps.  My wife still has a shoulder injury from an idiot trainer’s boot camp 10 years ago.

My experience with Chris has been nothing short of life changing. You can’t put a price on confidence. Chris understands the physiology and science behind the work out plans and specific exercises he assigns to his clients.  Chris is a technical expert on assessing what you want and need to meet your short and long term fitness goals.  Chris took the time to understand my goals and build a custom workout that evolves each month to meet the current and next set of goals. He understands what is too much to avoid injury and being too sore to return to gym.

I have known Chris for about 9 years since he roomed with my son in college. I’ve been watching Chris from a distance since then and finally decided to approach him as a personal training coach for multiple reasons. His online coaching program worked great for me as we live over two hours away from each other!

The biggest reason was how I felt about my appearance. I have let my fitness and weight slide to what it was 13 years ago before I began getting fit in 2004 when I was approaching 40. Last February my son made a remark about my gut being larger than he had ever seen it.

For me, that means its time to start something different. Because what I have been doing to maintain is not working any longer. I just keep getting heavier as my belly and muffin top grows proportionally larger.

Like many mid-lifers I had transitioned to the un-tucked shirts stage. I was buying new shirts and pants to feel comfortable, as I was no longer able to tuck in my shirt or button my pants. While on vacation over the last several years, I refused to go shirtless at the pool or beach.

Not being a stranger to fitness, I competed in Triathlons from 2005 to 2012. I run regularly and have completed at least 10 marathons and the infamous Dopey Challenge in 2015. The Dopey Challenge is an annual event at Disney and includes running a 5K, 10K, ½ Marathon and Full Marathon in succession over 4 consecutive days. Training for the event took 12 months and 1200 miles of running to prepare adequately. I completed the task with run times that I still can’t believe to this day.

One would think that with all this cardio training I would feel fit and gain confidence about my physique. I can remember how silly I felt with my gut bulging out from my Triathlon Singlet at my races. Since training under Chris, I have come to understand that cardio fitness alone does not shed weight and shape bodies.  Circuit and strength training fitness is completely different than cardio fitness. The two together is unstoppable.

At my first visit to Cooper Aerobics Clinic in Dallas 5 years ago I was on the verge of being put on low Thyroid and high cholesterol meds.  I told the Doc to give me 6 months of changing my nutrition while increasing my cardio fitness to avoid the meds. I dropped hamburger meat, fried foods and increased my cardio. My levels on both changed so much that my Doc at Cooper Clinic said he had never seen such a change in levels. Cooper Clinic always encourages me to add strength training to my cardio to improve health and bone density. They never told me that it would help shed weight, so I ignored them and continued the weekly cardio grind in the hope of losing weight and staying off the meds. The problem with cardio grind is you need races or big events to stay motivated to train on days your body says stay in bed dummy. The lack of weight loss results as you grind out the miles creates a pattern of missing workouts. You begin to ask yourself what am I doing wrong to lose weight and look fit.

Flash Forward – 3 months after began training under Chris and Reform.

Last May, I went on an 11 day Disney cruise with my family. I felt so confident about the change in my appearance and weight that I never wore a shirt on the pool deck or on the 6 beaches we visited while on the cruise. LOL, but this was actually one of my short term goals along with being able to tuck in my shirt.

After the Cruise, I was comparing my fitness appearance through pics taken in both 2015 and 2017. I was comparing my recent pics at 160lbs from May 2017 to my pics with my weight at 165 lbs taken in Jan 2015 after the Dopey Challenge event. I was shocked that I could look and weigh so much different after 3 Months of training under Chris verses 12 months and 1200 miles of cardio training. Although the weight was within 5lbs there was no comparison on belly fat and muffin top difference. I would have never taken my shirt off after the Dopey Challenge. Sure, I was at the peak cardio shape of my life, but you would have never known by my appearance. It was not sustainable to keep up that kind of cardio training. I tried by running 2 marathons the next 2 months but injured by foot with a stress fracture. I have never been able to return to that level of cardio and it has been a struggle attempting to do so after completing such an event.

Flash Forward – 4 months after began training under Chris.

My wife told me after 4 months that I have never looked better. My muffin top is 80-90% gone and I feel and look more fit than I have since 2005 when I completed my 1st half Ironman. I feel confident enough to do my long runs shirtless on the road and local school track. Not that most people care, but when its hot you would like to run without a shirt to cool off. A four month total transformation that I didn’t think was possible given the shape that I was in combined with the my past history of triathlon training that would never yield a fit looking physique.  My weight is down 25 pounds and fluxing between 158-162 depending on how I’m eating and drinking. Of course it’s lowest after a long run and highest after I’ve loaded back up with water and carbs.

Flash Forward – 5 Months after I began training under Chris.

I’m maintaining easily under 160 pounds and I’m headed out this week to buy a new belt and pants. I’m to the point that the smallest pants and shorts in my closet sag off my frame and my belt notch will not cinch enough to hold them up. This is a first time for me. I have never had to go by smaller clothes in all of my life.

What is the biggest things I notice since I have begun training with Chris?  I’m lighter, stronger, faster and feel more fit when running and lifting. I feel good when I’m tucking in my shirt or when I’m not wearing a shirt. I am confident about the way I look even if I made no further progress.

My core strength was literally non-existent as well as my upper body strength. I had let all the muscles in my upper body atrophy to the point of being too weak to lift most things without pulling a muscle in my back or being extremely sore the next day.

My body is gradually taking shape including my quads, which have never had shape. The biggest difference I notice on my runs is my legs don’t fatigue at the end of a long run or on hills. I recently ran stadium stairs for 15 minutes after a 1 hour cardio workout at the track. My legs never burned or got tired for the entire 15 minutes.

I’m beginning to work with Chris and Hillary on my nutrition plan including MACROS. When I started with Chris I made 2 changes to my nutrition. I cut out unneeded sugar — such as desserts. And I avoid eating any bread such as bread brought to the table at restaurants. I normally only eat the half top or bottom bun on sandwiches. I also stopped eating bowls of cereal and cookies late night. This probably put me in calorie deficit which helps, but nutrition alone wont’ yield results like I have seen over the last 5 months.

Recently my wife has joined Chris and Reform. We are both looking forward to great things as we grow old and fit together. Everyone needs a trainer at one point in their life. Just glad I found one that knows what he is doing with my health and fitness.

Kristen Rudd

When I first contacted Chris, I told him, “Look, I want abs. I ain’t gonna lie.” I’m one of those annoying people who was already thin and kind of fit, but I was unmotivated and stagnant, didn’t have a clue what to do during workouts, and was skipping the gym out of laziness. I wanted to be consistent and take everything up a notch. I wanted to be able to lift heavy, be strong, be healthy, and feel really good in my body.
Chris works with all my dietary, physiological, and scheduling needs. He designs a program that’s customized for me to get me to the goals I have for myself, not a one-size-fits-all program that doesn’t factor in who I am. He’s tough on me when he needs to be, and works with me when things out of my control get in the way. He pushes me to be better and holds me to my program. I am amazed at the progress I continue to make in the gym.
I don’t have drastic changes — I’m still the same size, I fit into the same clothes, if anything I’ve gained weight — but my body composition has definitely changed. I look better and more toned, and I carry myself differently. I can tell, my husband can tell, and other people can tell. More importantly, I’m stronger, I feel incredible, and I’m smashing all the goals I set for myself.

Kolby Tackett

Through my 21 day fat loss I lost almost 20 pounds. I completely changed the way I looked, the workouts fit into an extremely busy schedule and were very easy to follow! I would say the best part about the challenge was anytime I was struggling with either food cravings or workouts schedules Chris was literally a call or text away! When he says he is here to help in anyway he really is! It was a great program I cannot wait to do it again!

Brenda Brooks

I am a 59 year old grandma and was very skeptical that online training would do anything for me.  I felt that I was too old and the medications I am taking make me gain and retain weight so I wouldn’t be able to make any progress. I felt hopeless and that nothing would help me reach my desired goals. I decided to give Chris a try and right off the bat he would not let me use age, or anything else for that matter, as an excuse to work toward getting healthy. His workout designs were deceptively easy and challenging at the same time, which sent my motivation through the roof and had me wanting to work out. He was always there with encouragement and laughter when I need it. In with in the first 2-3 weeks I had so much more energy and dropped poundage too. He is big on nutrition, which was quite eye opening when I discovered how many calories were in my favorite “healthy” foods. Too my surprise at the 2 month mark, I wore a strapless dress to a wedding and I did not even cover it with a shawl! I texted Chris and told him if I never lose another pound, he had given me the best gift. I haven’t worn anything strapless in 20 years! My hubby started noticing too. Best of all, on a recent trip I wore a bathing suit and played in the water (can’t swim) with my grandson and did not get tired before he did! Chris is an amazing trainer, soldier for Christ, and more important, someone I consider a friend! Thank you for everything and stay blessed!

Wesley Jackson, UCO Golf & Dalton Rhoden, OBU Golf

Having Chris as my personal my trainer has improved my golf game! I felt as if I was not getting much better in golf like I should, but Chris was able to help me gain distance and have more stamina on the course. My body has never looked better and I’ve never felt better! Chris is also more than a trainer, he makes friends with anyone he works with and I’m glad we are now friends! -Dalton Rhoden

Gonna miss working out with Dalton and personal trainer Chris. Worked with him all summer to not only improve my golf game but to get stronger and more athletic. I’m hitting it farther than I ever have before and my body feels great. It’s fun to be trained by someone that has a real passion for it and his people. Y’all need to check this guy out in person or online 💪🏼👍! -Wesley Jackson


Brette Fast

I began my online training with Chris last spring. I was looking for a program that would fit into by crazy busy schedule. Being a full time nurse and mom to two active kids I knew I needed to make time for myself but I didn’t have time in my schedule that would allow me to make it to a regular routine appointment with a trainer. With the online coaching I am able to go workout whenever I can- early morning or late evening, weekends, holidays; anytime that works for me! I love the fact that Chris is always available to help me figure out what works best for me to achieve my goals. In just 30-45 minutes in the gym I get an incredible overall workout which has helped me tone up and increase my core and upper body strength. Online training is perfect for a busy mom like myself. I’d recommend it for anyone!


Emily Key

After having my first child my hips constantly hurt. As an occupational therapist I knew the stretches to do and even got my PT friends in to help me with no relief. My hip muscles were so weak and I was in constant pain.  I contacted Chris for online coaching because as a new mom that worked going to the gym wasn’t an option for me.
Chris was so nice and chatted with me about my problems, what equipment I had and what preferences I had for how I wanted to work out (times per week, how much time per day).  I had 3xs/wk and 30-45 minutes tops. He suggested a few pieces of equipment if I wanted them and he got started
Chris made great workouts with minimal equipment.  His dynamic stretches and targeted workouts just for me were awesome. The workouts were quick and concise and I was seeing improvement in just a few short weeks. I got a new workout each month and after a few months I even had to increase my weights!
My hip pain is gone and I feel so much stronger. I have learned so many new workouts and even modified a few for my patients! Chris has a lot of knowledge and is also so responsive when I reached out to him. He would check in to see how I was doing.
Online coaching was so perfect for me. Targeted workouts just for me, at home, but with the attention I would get in a gym!
I highly recommend Chris for online coaching. You won’t regret it!

Gail Saunders

A few months ago, I was, well… fed up!

I am a full time working mom with no time to go to the gym. I love the gym. I just like how I feel after a good workout. I have been missing out on that for a while…ok like 5 years!!!

I was feeling awful. Everything I ate made me feel awful. I hated getting dressed in the morning…you know, the usual when you are “a little more squishy”. I decided that whether or not I could get to the gym was not going to make a difference. I needed to feel good again. My husband was training at the gym with Chris, and Chris was kicking his tush!

I found out not long after, that Chris offered an online training course you could do anywhere. I was ecstatic and signed up! I answered a bunch of not so fun, but necessary, questions about myself so that Chris knew what my goals were, and how I could reach them. He created my workouts based on what I had in my home, how often I wanted to work out, and for how long.

He sent them to me in Excel and has videos for each movement on his YouTube Channel if I ever had any questions or needed a refresher, so I knew the proper body mechanics of each move and how many reps of each exercise. Believe me…this is awesome. I lost weight and inches over several weeks. Around December he encouraged me to try the 21 day rapid fat loss program he created……fun right…..wrong. Although it was a test to my discipline, it was totally worth it!!! This is where I lost a majority of my weight and felt my best. I am now down 23 pounds, 2 pants sizes, and 2 shirt sizes. I have now increased my goal of where I want to be.

I was by far not the best student to Chris….shhhhhh don’t tell him that, but it goes to show that if you put in even some work and dedication, it can make a difference. Chris frequently checked in on me, answered many questions I had, and listened to me whine… a lot!! If you are looking to train, in the gym or at home, and you are not sure what direction you need to go in… I encourage you to try online training. It’s worth every penny and every inch!


Travis Sloat

Feels like high school basketball workouts

Two years ago, I weighed 360 pounds, I was taking a myriad of medications for type-2 diabetes, and I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without feeling as though I’d run a marathon.

In September of 2016, I signed up with Reform Strength and Conditioning’s online training program. I had lost about 80 pounds, and I felt like I was ready to combat some of the loose skin I was seeing, plus build both my endurance and muscle mass to help burn more calories.

I had questions, of course. So many questions. Chris took them all in stride, answering with texts, emails, and phone calls. I got my first workout and had even more questions, which Chris answered with all of the above and video tutorials, even taking the time to meet with me in person to show me regressions and proper techniques.

It’s now February of 2017, and I am in the best shape of my adult life. I’m completing workouts that I would have only done while gearing up for high school basketball as a teenager. My endurance has increased exponentially, I have come off several prescriptions (including an anti-depressant), my pant size has gone from 46 to 36, and I’ve dropped from a 4XL shirt size into a XXL and even XL with some.

One of my problem areas when I first started with Chris was my arms. I had a lot of saggy fat and skin underneath and not a lot of muscle mass. Over the past five months, my arms have toned and built definition, losing much of the sag, and I’ve noticed shirt sleeves are getting tighter in the bicep area.

As of today, I weigh 260 pounds. You can tell by the photograph my body composition has changed tremendously. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I wake up in the morning and I’m happy now. I don’t roll out of bed and stare at my enormous gut, I get out of bed ready to start my day, and knowing that if it’s a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday I’ll probably be cussing Chris by the end. I also know it’s worth it.

So take the money you were going to spend on fast food this month, pack a sandwich, and let Reform Strength and Conditioning take a crack at you. Your body will thank you, your spouse will probably thank you, and most importantly, you’ll thank yourself when you can finally walk from your car to the office without sounding like a fat kid with asthma on track and field day.


Haleigh Carrier

“Prior to training with Chris, working out was never a priority to me. I now have a love for working out and am eager to train. Chris gives great encouragement and knows exactly when I need a boost of motivation. He continuously pushes me beyond my own limits to help me achieve the results I want. Weight loss was not my main goal when I began training with Chris, but I have lost fat in many areas and have gained muscle tone in result. Chris goes above and beyond to personalize his programs in order to give each of his clients what they need. I believe Chris is one of the most qualified trainers out there. He is highly educated and it shows through his training programs.”

Catrina Morrow


“I’ve been training with Chris 3 days a week for about 5 months now and the changes are definitely noticeable. When I started this journey it was strictly about looking good for my wedding but I’ve come to realize that I want this to be a lifestyle for me. Chris is a great motivator and has taught me so much about what it means to be “healthy” and “fit”. I used to focus on the numbers on the scale and would get down on myself when I wouldn’t see any results. Chris has taught me that the scale is only a single factor. I’ve lost 15 lbs, 6% body fat, and 10 inches during this time of training with him. 15 pounds didn’t seem like much to me but I went down 4 dress sizes and I can tell that I’ve gained quite a bit of muscle. My overall strength and stamina have improved greatly and I’m accomplishing tough workouts I never saw myself doing. Chris changes up my workouts to keep things fresh which is challenging but also exciting because I never know what to expect. Anytime I fall off the wagon or need some motivation Chris knows exactly what to say or what to write in his next blog to get you back on track.”

Derek Burton


“Deciding to use Chris and his online training program was the best choice I’ve made in years. Letting someone else program for me was a huge stress relief. Before getting in his program I spent a lot of time false starting, I’d attempt to write my own plans and wouldn’t stick to them. I started gaining weight after my college days, almost 70lbs. It took me 6 years to get to that point and with Chris it took me all of 5 months to rid myself of most of that weight. I’m now within about 10-15lbs of my playing weight at Oklahoma State and I’m building a body that I can be proud of. I credit Chris and his ability to challenge me with varying training methods and finding ways to incorporate cardio (I hate cardio) into my strength training. You won’t find a more qualified trainer anywhere with the rates that he offers for his services. Chris has the education, knowledge, and eagerness to compete with trainers to all over the country and we’re blessed to have him stationed right here in Muskogee. If you want to make changes and you’re serious about it, Chris is your guy.”

Nathan Frisby, Head Coach Muskogee High Baseball

“We used Reform Strength & Conditioning all last fall during our off season workouts and we had incredible results. Kids strength and speed increased a lot over a 4 month period. Thank you Chris for all of your help.”

Kalen Castor, Muskogee High Soccer

“When I first started training with Chris at Reform Strength & Conditioning my goal was to overall become a stronger player. Playing 6A high school soccer I was considered a smaller player and in the midfield you have to be very technical and strong on the ball to keep possession. I wanted to become stronger so that I could keep possession of the ball and take on girls without being pushed around. Chris created a program that has not only made me stronger overall, but also helped me in other areas like stamina and agility. I feel that my body is in the best shape it has ever been. Throughout my senior high school soccer season I could tell my progress was beyond what I expected. On the field I was able to hold my own which allowed me to become a more aggressive player and gave me confidence. My goals that Chris has helped me reach have helped me tremendously in receiving a scholarship to play college soccer and I feel more prepared than ever with his training going into my freshman year.”

Colton Swon of The Swon Brothers

“Working with Chris has been the most effective training I’ve ever done. I’ve worked with him from near and afar. Although his facilities are my favorite spot to train, his ability to design a program that fit my limited time to train with minimal training equipment has blown me away. His dedication to holding me accountable has given me the edge I need to stay on top of my fitness goals. Drastic difference in muscle growth and overall health. I recommend if you want change than Chris and Reform Strength & Conditioning is the only way to go.”

Dr. Jack Weaver & Family

“We have been a part of Reform Strength and Conditioning for about 9 months now. It’s become an integral part of our family schedule. We have all made significant improvements in our own areas. Latham, Corbet, and Pearson have been extremely successful in sport specific training for soccer. They have become more flexible and stronger. Jackson and Angie train together and both feel so much better physically and mentally with this training. I have made significant improvements in strength and added muscle mass. My back pain has resolved. And my running has improved. Chris has been a great trainer for us. He motivates and keeps it fresh and fun. It is beneficial for our WHOLE family. As a Sports Medicine Physician I highly recommend training with Reform Strength & Conditioning and Chris Pearosn as a lifestyle. We are all so thankful for Reform and what’s it’s done for our family.”

Dr. David Jones

“I’ve had personal trainers for the past 18 years and they all seem to use the same techniques, except Chris Pearson. I’m now 62, and here are the reasons I chose Chris to be my personal trainer.

First, he’s really not like most personal trainers, he doesn’t use the normal workout equipment in his own gym. He knows what my goals are and develops a program to achieve a better core and flexibility for me, I’m not trying to become the next Mr. Universe with six pack abs. I’m a dentist trying to stay healthy and overcome my professions posture problems. Chris welcomes all input from outside sources and then makes a plan to keep me moving.

He’s flexible and knowledgeable enough to change things on the fly when I can’t do the exercise he’d planned that day. Chris modifies my workout from week to week so I don’t get stale or complacent. He keeps me motivated and interested throughout the workout so it’s not a chore or something to avoid from week to week.

Chris’ education and training puts him heads and shoulders above anyone else in the personal training business. I look forward to our personal training sessions, I no longer look for reasons not to go workout!”

Lindsey “BooBoo” Hinkle, OPL Soccer

“I wanted to let you know that last night was my first practice since I started training with you. From the start I could tell that my stamina had improved and my agility was levels above the other girls. My foot work has improved too due to the athlete performance training with you at Reform Strength & Conditioning. But, the best thing about it was that for the first time, I did not feel intimidated by any of the other players on the field. Thank you!”

Charles Lamont, father of Chloe & Carsen Lamont

“Both of my daughters play competitive volleyball. They have complained in the past about their deficiencies in certain areas of the sport so I challenged them to take the extra steps needed to go from being good to being great. They accepted! I have used Chris Pearson as a personal trainer for many years and asked for his help. We discussed the areas in which the girls wanted to improve, and Chris tailored a program specifically for them. The results have surpassed all of my expectations! Their strength and conditioning is through the roof, as well as their verticals! They love it! Thank you, Chris, for being there for my kids.”

Kolby Tackett – Head Coach, Mount Dora Bible Football

“We have been using Reform Strength & Conditioning designed workouts over the past year and a half, and the results have been incredible.  From the overall appearance of our players, to gains in every major lift we do, there has been a major difference in our players.  The improvements have come in balance, flexibility, strength, and injury prevention. We had players gaining 20-30% on their bench, squat, deadlift, and hang clean maxes in the second month of training. At the end of our three month summer off-season some players increased their maxes as much as 50%. Our team is the strongest it has been in program history. I can’t wait to see the improvements after our second year of using Reform Strength and Conditioning programming. It has, and will continue to make a difference.  In our eighteen months of using Reform Strength & Conditioning we have a record of 17-5, and back to back division titles.  The school has not had a winning season prior. Thank you Reform Strength & Conditioning!”

Dustin Klafka Head Girls Basketball/Athletic Director Slaton High School

“We started using Reform Strength and Conditioning this past season for numerous reasons but mainly because we had a group of kids that I knew were going to have to play harder and be tougher than all our opponents if we were going to be successful.  What I like most about the programming is we were not only in better shape and moved better but we were able to cover intangibles in our workouts such as toughness and team building.  We beat a lot of teams not because of talent but because of how hard we played and this training allowed our athletes to do that.  It prepared them physically and mentally to out work their competition day in day out.”

Debra Jones

“I have been working out with Chris Pearson of Reform Strength & Conditioning for 3 months now. I have worked with personal trainers before and Chris has gotten me in better shape than anyone else I have worked with. I’m 61 years old and have some arthritis and joint issues. The workouts he designs for me have helped my joints, flexibility and energy level. He designs my workout for my specific issues. I had a left arm I could not lift over my head and he looked up special exercises to help increase my range of motion. I can now lift my left arm straight over my head. Call him today and schedule an evaluation, it will be the best thing you can do for your health.”

Traci Riddle, mother of Drew Riddle

“My daughter, Drew, plays softball and basketball. She recently told us that she wanted to start working with a trainer to improve her strength. Thus, we enlisted the assistance of Chris Pearson at Reform Strength & Conditioning in October 2015. She has been training regularly 2 days/week with Chris. Since that time, we have observed significant progress in several different areas related to her overall performance in her respective sports. Specifically, she has increased her strength and power, endurance/stamina, and improved her flexibility. She has also noticably improved her agility and overall foot speed. Most of all, she has developed an increased level of self-confidence due to her hours of work with Chris and seeing her overall improvement both on the field and court respectively. Lastly, she truly enjoys her workouts with Chris. He challenges her with different workouts that are specifically individualized for her, while making the experience fun and rewarding. Chris is easy to work with and relates well with his clients which goes a long way.”

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