Your Why is the single most important thing for your fitness and nutrition success.

Have you taken time to write yours down?

First, let’s define what your “Why” is:

Your Why is much deeper than the typical skin deep goals.

“Regular” goals that don’t take much thought and that can be come up with almost instantaneously have their place but your Why will take a much deeper dive into — you guessed it — Why you want to reach those.

It’s important to know that the “regular” goals are completely fine to have.

They’re encouraged, really.

Because without them it would be much harder to truly find the Why behind why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Your Why is the basis behind the decisions you make when trying to reach your goals.

Something you can fall back on when times get tough, which they inevitably will.

I want you to look at the following picture to get an idea of what a “regular” goal off the top of your head could be and what the Why behind it may mean:



Do you understand the difference between a “regular” goal and the Why behind it a little better now?

Sure, losing 10lbs is a noble goal. It’s something that could be done without digging deeper. But, if your Why behind it was to look a certain way in your wedding dress, which is the more powerful motivator?

Want to move better? Tired of feeling stiff? I get it. That alone can be enough to move the needle to do more mobility work. Getting more mobile to play with your kids, though? I’d run through a brick wall for my kids so 10 minutes a few times a week to be sure I can do whatever they want to do is nothing.

Toned up arms are sexy. Male, female, old, young, black, white. Whatever. I’m a sucker for good arms, and, I prefer that my arms look *pretty* good at all times too. The motivation to get good arms can come from many things, but, if toned arms will make you feel confident while going sleeveless then that is the recipe for success.

Tightening everything up by adding some muscle and losing some flab is a solid goal. But, you know as well as I do that looking good naked regardless of how good your partner says you look is important.

It can take a while to truly define your Why.

Be patient.

This is the method I tell my  online clients to use to find their Why and it’s the same one I use myself:

  1. Write down a list of “regular” goals that you have. You can write them on paper, in your phone or have them in your head for now.

  2. Schedule a time, preferably an hour, to yourself where you can have the goals you wrote down in front of you. I want you to peel back the layers on these goals like an onion. What’s really behind them?

  3. Once you find and define the Why behind your goals, hand write them into a journal. There’s something to be said for taking handwritten notes these days. I don’t want to say its magic… but I’m not saying it’s not magic.

  4. After you have your handwritten Why you can make copies of it, or, put your Why(s) in your notes on your phone, make it a wallpaper, put it in your car dash etc. Plaster it everywhere. Be borderline obnoxious here.

  5. The more reminders you have about your Why, the better chance you have of staying true to it.

You may need more than an hour. Heck, you may need 2-3 of these sessions to peel back all the layers of your goal onion to truly find your Why.

It’s ok though because this is important.

Your Why can be the most powerful tool you have in your corner on your way to reaching your goals.

What if you don’t have your Why? Do you have to wait until it’s perfect to begin your journey?

Of course not.

Imperfect Action > Perfect Idleness

Get started.

You know your base level “regular” goals and those give you plenty of juice to get the ball rolling.

This article can help you get started: 5 Tips To Make You a Fat Loss Expert

At some point, preferably sooner than later, you need to take time for yourself to develop your Why.

It will be uncomfortable. You must have serious talks with yourself. And it’s okay if they don’t look or feel pretty in the moment.

I call it getting into your pain.

The further you dig in, the more clear your Why will be and the more powerful it will be when you feel like giving up.