“Micro” Goals for Faster Fat Loss?

//“Micro” Goals for Faster Fat Loss?

“Micro” Goals for Faster Fat Loss?

What’s up team? I’m sitting here writing this post about small wins because one of my online coaching clients, Travis, suggested it and has told me just how BIG those SMALL victories are to him.

The picture of Travis below is what a bunch of small victories looks like.


So what do I mean? I hate to give you a quote right off the bat, but, I’m going to do it.

The quote is from Dave Ramsey talking about his method called the debt snowball.

Why is he talking about debt when this is a fitness blog?

Just hear me out, okay?

“Mathematically, it makes sense to pay on the debt with the highest interest rate first. After all, doesn’t that save you the most money?

Maybe, but it’s more important to pay your debts in a way that keeps you motivated to keep going until you’ve wiped them all out. If you begin with the biggest one, you might think you’re not making fast enough progress, lose steam, and not finish the job.

It’s better to get quick wins that pump you up. Those wins happen when you start with the smallest debt. Once you’ve saved your $1,000 starter emergency fund, list all your debts (except the house) smallest to largest. Now it’s time to get rid of them ASAP with the debt snowball.”

I just finished reading his book, The Total Money Makeover, and if you haven’t read it. Buy it now. Seriously.

I think Dave is onto something here. Small wins build up your mental victory bank and can snowball into a complete change in lifestyle over time. Not only that the results you get from this process will be sustainable!

Now, how can I bring this back around to relate it to health & fitness?

Well, pretty easily really. The idea of small victories is simple, easy to do in theory, and doesn’t seem to mean much at first glance. But, let me ask you this — Have you ever been so motivated to go on a “diet” that cut all of your favorite foods out cold turkey? Have you decided “I am going to get fit starting tomorrow, two hour gym sessions every day 5 days per week and twice on Sunday!”. <— I would bet that these choices lasted MAYBE one week. Two weeks if you’re awesome.

I don’t even have to ask how that worked out for you because I know. The reality of it is this — very few people in this world can make a HUGE lifestyle change without any build up time and consistently stick to it for the long haul.

This is not me preaching to you. Believe me, I struggle with all of the same things you all do. Like I have mentioned before, I own a gym so I obviously have the keys and can go whenever I want and it is still hard some days to make myself workout!

So what are some things that you could put into action right now?



Those are just four of the literal infinite possibilities of small goals you can create for yourself. Everyone has big goals, so, write those down and take a little time to strategize on how you can break up the big goal into more manageable small goals.

Of course big goals are bright and shiny, but, if they just stay goals or fade into distant memory because you didn’t complete them they really didn’t mean much in the first place.

Write down your overall “big goals” > break those down into “small” incremental goals > take action > WIN > repeat

You’re going to stumble, have bad days, weeks, maybe even bad months. But the beauty of a lifestyle change is that when you stumble you don’t have to start over. All you have to do is get back in the saddle and get back to giving it your best.

Implement the small victory practice and I promise you’ll get the results you have been wanting. Everyone likes to win, why not make it easier on yourself. Hitting 10/10 on small goals (that accomplish the big goal) is much better than being 0/1 on the big goal. Not only did you win 10 times — you broke through and completed the BIG goal too!


Make your list and shoot it to me. I’d love to talk with you about it or help with any ideas or suggestions to help you achieve success. I reply to every email and obviously your list will stay between you and I, so no worries there.

Let’s do this. Cool? Cool.

Talk to you soon.

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