Here you are, in the thick of holiday traveling season.

It’s crazy.

You’re stressed.

Kids are (probably) going nuts.

The last thing you want on your plate is trying to figure out how to eat healthy when you already have 1000 other things on your mind.

So, I want to lay out some simple tips and tricks you can use to stay within your nutrition goals while you’re on the go (holidays or not).

In reality, it’s not the party or event that kills your progress. It’s the traveling and the spur of the moment decisions you make while getting there.

It’s much easier to reel it in after the party if that was the only nutrition issue you had on the trip.

If you lose your mind at the party — and the gas station (4 times) — and 3 fast food pit stops — that’s when it gets a bit tougher to recover from.

I’ll break down a few of my favorite hunger hacks, what to grab at the gas station and the best options for fast food.

Hunger Hacks:

Drink a glass of water before meals

More water is never a bad thing in general, plus, the stomach can only hold so much so this can help you fill up faster.

Grab a Granny Smith Apple (or any fruit) & a Seltzer Water (flavored or not)

Will it replace a cookie or whatever your sugary vice is? No. But, it will take enough of the edge off so your willpower can do the rest.


Up Your Protein Intake

Protein will help you feel fuller longer and is the most important building block for muscle so it’s really a win win situation.

Eat More Fibrous Fruits & Veggies

High volume foods, meaning you get to eat a ton of food, will fill you up without costing you your daily allowance of calories.


Chew More and Eat Slowly

Give your body the time it needs to realize you’re full. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to connect and share your day with those most important to you.


Take a Walk After Your Meal

Not a hunger hack, but, it will help with digestion and will help you feel better in general.


 Gas Station Options:

Beef Jerky

High protein snack that naturally makes you chew more (win). Don’t worry as much about the sodium intake here, especially when flying, as traveling tends to dehydrate you more than a regular day.


Protein Shake

 You can take your own powder, or buy a ready to drink shake at the store. Just beware of the RTD’s as the sugar content can creep up pretty high.

Boiled Eggs

Good source of protein and healthy fats and they’re naturally easy to eat on the go.



On the go fruit bowls are a super convenient way to get some quick carbs while also satisfying your sweet tooth a bit.


Water (duh)


Seltzer Water


It’s important here that you be careful about portion sizes. Nuts are great for you, but if you don’t watch out you can rack up the calories pretty quick. Look for the small 100 calorie packs if you can.


Greek Yogurt

Throw some of the fruit you grabbed into some plain Greek yogurt and you’ve got a deliciously filling balanced meal.



Super tasty snack for anyone, but, if you’re vegan/vegetarian hummus is a great way to help you hit your daily protein goals.


Protein Bars

Most gas stations are carrying a plethora of protein bars now, but the one available at most stores that I like the most is probably the RX bar (any flavor).

Cheese Sticks

Easy. Convenient. Delicious. My son could live on cheese sticks and Fairlife chocolate milk.

Fast Food Options/Tips: 

It would be foolish of me to write this article and attempt to put a fast food guide together when my friend, Mason Woodruff, has already put together the best fast food/restaurant guide on the internet.

This is something I send to every online client right away and have them either save it as a note, or favorite the page on their phone.

See the guide here:


In a perfect world we would never have to eat fast food and all of our meals would be grown in our backyard with no pesticides, hand picked, washed with spring water and would be gluten free (obv).

But, although our world is great, we don’t always have perfect scenarios for eating.

I hope this post helps you in your quest to make better choices when you’re on the run. At the same time, though, I want you to realize that if you do make a “bad” choice your diet isn’t ruined and you haven’t failed.

Just a minor bump on the long road to achieving your goals.

I hope this guide helps you out, and, as always I’m here to help.

If you have any tips or tricks you’ve used while traveling shoot them to me and I can update the post as they come in.

I’ll see you in 2019. ❤️