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Get a FREE, 30-minute coaching call with me to get my professional advice for your specific needs.

I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you make their fitness goals a reality.


“I’m not where I want to be yet, but I wake up in the morning and I’m happy now. I don’t roll out of bed and stare at my enormous gut, I get out of bed ready to start my day. So take the money you were going to spend on fast food this month, pack a sandwich, and let Reform Strength and Conditioning take a crack at you. Your body will thank you, your spouse will probably thank you, and most importantly, you’ll thank yourself.” -Travis Sloat

 Here’s what you’ll get in your coaching session:

  • Clarity on your goals, and what’s really stopping you from reaching them
  • A personalized strategy for reaching your goals
  • Time and money savings (I’ll keep you from buying stuff you don’t need)
  • Understanding your true WHY so you can stay motivated
*No strings attached. No high pressure sales pitch. Just you and I talking about your goals and how you’re going to meet them.

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