7 Tips to Stay Lean This Holiday Season

//7 Tips to Stay Lean This Holiday Season

7 Tips to Stay Lean This Holiday Season

It’s official. The Holiday Season is here.

It would be unprofessional of me if I didn’t offer you some strategies to stay lean, so, here we are.

These are 7 of my best tips and tricks to enjoy yourself, but, maintain the progress you’ve worked your ass off to get.

An important note: some of these will contradict each other.

That’s by design.

This list isn’t an all or nothing list, these are strategies to pick and choose from. Some may work for you, some won’t.

And guess what? It’s ok if some of these don’t fit your needs.

The point here isn’t to give you 7 tips that all must be used together. But rather 7 tips you can pick and choose from to help ensure your success.

The List:

Tip #1 Don’t worry about anything.  

(Not advised if: you guilt trip yourself after eating “bad”, have addictive food behaviors, will take this to the extreme and eat 20,000 calories)

Eat what you want, drink what you want.

What! No way!? Blasphemy!

You read that correctly. I said not to worry about anything at all.

Remember what I said about the things on the list not being for you? This is no exception.

Let me explain.

The holidays can be stressful, and not all stress is bad, but, if tracking calories or counting macros is going to add to your stress load it may not be a bad idea to take the day off.

No counting.

No MyFitnessPal.

No food scales.

Enjoy the day. Be with family. Eat and drink what you want.

But guess what? You’re back in the groove the next day.

One day out of 365 won’t make or break you. I promise.

However, if you have just built solid eating habits and have been able to stay away from trigger foods or overindulging then this option may not be for you.

Again, make this list work for you. Not the other way around.

Tip #2 Follow the “First Bite” Rule

(Not advised if: N/A)

You know that feeling you get when you take that glorious first bite of one of your favorite foods?

It’s amazing. All is right with the world.

But, what happens when you’re 7 bites in? Does it still taste as good as that first bite?

If the answer is no, simply stop eating.

Once you get past the amazing feeling, the only reason to keep eating is because you feel obligated or that you won’t eat anything like that for a while. Which means you’ll be OK if you stop!

Back away from the table when it doesn’t taste as good as that first bite, my friend.

Tip #3 Eat a Healthy Meal Before the Party

(Not advised if: you can still eat the same amount whether food is on your stomach or not)

Eating a healthy meal or a protein shake before you head to the party can be a saving grace for you if you’re looking to stay on track (or close) during the holidays.

Having something on your stomach can help you say no to certain foods or be able to control yourself when otherwise you may have eaten the whole bag of mint Hershey’s kisses rather than one or two.

A glass of water before you head out and another before the eating begins at the party/gathering can be a huge help here, too.

Tip #4 Save Your Daily Calories For the Party

 (Not advised if: you guilt trip yourself after eating “bad”, have addictive food behaviors, will take this to the extreme and eat 20,000 calories) 

See? I told you some of these would contradict each other.

Obviously, this is the exact opposite of tip #3.

Here I want you to save your daily calories, as many as possible, so you can use them at the event or party.

I recommend this strategy when eating a meal prior doesn’t work and stood no chance in hell of staying between you and the unlimited fudge bar.

Tip #5 You Don’t “Have To” Clean Your Plate

 (Not advised if: your mom will beat you with a bat if you don’t clean your plate)

What if I told you that you don’t have to make a happy plate?


Here I am, telling you exactly that.

Sometimes you can feel rude by not finishing everything on your plate. Especially if you’re not eating at your home.

But, you gotta do what’s best for you.

If that means leaving some extras on your plate because you were full or knew you didn’t need it? So be it.

Push back from the table when you’re satisfied regardless of whether your plate is empty or not.

Tip #6 Increase Your NEAT

 (Not advised if: N/A)

I wrote about hwo you can increase your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) to burn an extra 735(!) calories/day last week, you can see the full post here.

Here are some easy and unique ways to increase your NEAT:

  • Wash the dishes by hand rather than using the dishwasher (or in addition to it)
  • Use the bathroom a couple of floors up (or down) at work
  • Deliver a message in the office in person rather than using email
  • Make phone calls on the move
  • Hop on your foam roller or do some light stretching while watching TV at night
  • Standing at work instead of sitting
  • Park at the back of the parking lot rather than the front
  • Sit on a stability ball rather than a standard chair
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator
  • Fidgeting while standing (or sitting)
  • Walk at a faster pace than usual

Burning these extra calories during the holidays could be the difference in maintaining your weight or having to buy some stretchy pants with your Christmas money.

Tip #7 Don’t Go to the Party

 (Not advised if: N/A, everyone can say no every once in a while)



Call the police!

This man hates holidays and food and babies!

I’m not talking about family functions here (although you may want to skip those sometimes, too).

I’m talking about the insane number of events that come with the holiday season.

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to go to half of these events anyway.

So, why stress yourself out with trying to manage your eating or guilt tripping yourself once you do eat what you want when you didn’t want to be there anyway?!

Learn to say no thanks. It takes time. I still suck at it.

But sometimes, saying no is the healthiest thing you can do for your waistlines (and your sanity).

And there you have it. Put a few of these tips to use over the next couple of months and you’ll save yourself a couple of pounds.

Plus, rather than being back at the same old starting point for the new year, you’ll have some great momentum by finishing 2018 strong.

Because of this, your 2019 goals can be bigger than ever… but you won’t be.

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