5 Things to Make You a Fat Loss Expert

//5 Things to Make You a Fat Loss Expert

5 Things to Make You a Fat Loss Expert


When you first start working out, you’re going to suck.

Don’t worry, I did too.

Your squat will look (and feel) like a newborn giraffe walking for the first time.

Counting calories will feel like calculus.

The first time you take pre-workout you will probably have to poop before you start working out.

*whispers* That doesn’t go away, not for me anyway.

Are you good at sports?

Great at your job?

A master parent?

Now that you’ve answered those questions, think back to the very beginning. Times were probably tough and you probably, you guessed it, sucked!

It won’t be that way forever.

You’ll get better, slowly but surely.

The questions is though, how can you minimize the suck when it comes to working out and eating right?

Check out these guidelines:

  1. Show Yourself Grace

Let’s not even pretend that this whole workout out and eating healthy journey is going to be a walk in the park. It will be hard. You’ll want to quit. And you’re most definitely going to “mess up”.

The key is knowing this going in and being willing enough to show yourself grace.

Being perfect is not required.

Getting back up after you’ve been knocked down, is.

  1. Hire a Coach

I won’t turn this into a sales pitch for myself here, I just want you to be sure you’re putting enough stock into what having a coach can mean for your success.

Someone who’s been there.

Someone who has the knowledge you need, but don’t have time to get.

A coach can be the person you need to stay accountable and guide you through the “suck” no matter what you’re wanting to work on specifically.

  1. Have a Plan

It seems simple, yet so many miss the mark.

Look, I get it. Life happens.



Honey Do’s.

But, a little legwork by creating a plan may be the most crucial part of your success (or failure).

Have you ever bought a gym membership with no plan in place only to find yourself slogging away on the treadmill for an hour before you even realize you didn’t touch a weight yet?

Maybe you started a diet but didn’t plan your meals or meal prep beforehand. Hello fast food and suboptimal food choices.

Important: the plan doesn’t have to be fancy.

Your workout doesn’t (and shouldn’t) look like algebra. Your nutrition plan doesn’t have to be broken down into macros by minute.

A simple plan you can consistently crush will take you inevitably further than one that looks good on paper but gets coffee and food spilt on it because you were too intimidated to grab it off the table.

  1. Enjoy the Process (you’ll have little wins you can miss if you don’t pay attention) 

Since you know that there are going to be ups and downs throughout the journey out of the suck this opens you up to allowing yourself to enjoy the process.

What do I mean?

Let’s play out a situation.

Up tight about everything and worried about being terrible:

Monday – Miss workout because of a flat tire.

Tuesday – Wake up frustrated that you failed yesterday. Puts on clothes to get ready for work. Walks out the door.

Enjoying the process:

Monday – Miss workout because of flat tire.

Tuesday – Wake up feeling like it’s a new day. A new start. Puts on suit getting ready for work and realizes he needs to buy a new belt because it’s too big now.

See the difference? A mental shift can mean so much.

I know how I’d rather start my day.

  1. Don’t quit

Don’t give up. You started this for a reason.

Taking the last point further, I want to take you through something all of my clients go through.

I call it “The Code”.

It’s simple, but powerful.



The Goal Is Progress, Not Perfection-

Striving for perfection is fine. But, realizing that perfection isn’t feasible and will not happen no matter how hard we try is quite another.

This part of the code can be hard to swallow for some because it may seem like I’m expecting failure.

Quite the opposite is what’s happening, though. I want you to respect the progress you make and allow yourself to reflect on that progress for when times get tough.

Don’t Break Promises To Yourself-

Big one here.

It may be cheesy.

You may think it’s a little cliché.

It’s important nonetheless. If you can’t make and keep promises you make to yourself how can anyone you love depend on you when the going gets tough?

Love and respect yourself enough to keep every promise you make to yourself.

After all, if making promises to yourself (especially regarding your health and wellness) isn’t a priority, no one will make it theirs either.

Your Best Is Always Good Enough-

You may not always hit your goals on the day you set them for.

Sometimes the goal may be a little out of reach for whatever reason.

You’re not going to hang your head though.

You know why?

Because if you gave it your best effort and “left it all on the field” so to speak, you have nothing to hang your head about. Being disappointed is fine. Getting a little pissed off at yourself is fine too.

But, the sulking should be short lived because you put everything you had into it.

Realizing this stuff takes time and is hard is crucial.

Just know that it’s not impossible and you won’t suck at it forever.

Follow some (or all) of the rules I outlined above and implement “The Code”, or, create a code of your own to make the journey one you can enjoy.

Do you think these guidelines will help you or someone you know out?

If so, drop me a comment below. And if you think it could help someone you know, hit the share button! Please, of course. 🙂

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